Zone Manager is a powerful yet easy to use  tool that enables you to centrally monitor and view Zone Protector alert information over the IP network.

To download Zone Manager please visit the following download folder.

Setup instructions for Zone Manager are also provided in the download folder.

Some important tips for setup and troubleshooting.

  1. Ensure the date and time  are correct on the computer before your install Zone Manager
  2. After running the Zone Manager setup file restart the Zone Manager server (computer) and ensure both of the Zone Manager services are running.
  3. Apply the Zone Manager license details obtained from Cellbusters (may require a restart of the server to apply)
  4. Ensure you upgrade the firmware on each of the Zone Protectors to 2.29A or later
  5. N.B – Factory reset the Zone Protector before enabling Zone Manager.
    (Furthermore should you  later decide to change  the Zone Manager IP address after you have already enabled Zone Manager on a Zone Protector(s)
    you must factory reset the Zone Protector before updating it with the new Zone Manager IP address.  (e.g after lab testing for etc)
  6. Windows firewalls and some antivirus programs block communications between the Zone Protector and Zone Manager  (Ensure you either disable firewall blocking or allow TCP Port 8443 on the Zone Manager server)
  7. Keep in mind that once you enable Zone Manager  on a Zone Protector(s),  the Zone Manager application then controls the channel table database on each of that Zone Protector(s)You must add / remove channels from within Zone Manager. (Channel Name, Lower Frequency / Upper Frequency etc)
    To control the sensitivity (detection range) of each channel do so via the ZP web interface.
    (The ZP web interface will be disabled for editing by default  after you enable ZM.  To enable the Zone Protector web interface for edits go to Zone Manager > Zone Protector “Disable Web Interface” and deselect the check box)

How to upgrade the Zone Protector firmware  KB link

Zone Protector Firmware Download link