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Quote FAQs

Read FAQs when ordering with Cellbusters.

If you have further questions please review our FAQs below.

We have listed some common FAQs below. However, if you don’t find the answer you are looking for please contact us

I submitted a request for a quote and it never arrived. What can I do?2020-05-26T17:11:48-07:00

Please check your spam filter or junk mail, as some systems (especially military firewalls) block attachments.
In any case, please feel free to contact us and we will manually resend your quote to you.

How can I order directly from my quote using your secure server?2020-05-26T17:13:37-07:00

Open the quote PDF and click on the green “Place Order Now” button (click the image below to see the button example). Clicking on the Place Order Now button brings you to the secure Authorize.net server page where you can securely enter your credit card and shipping details.
How to order directly from my quote

What credit cards do you accept?2020-05-26T17:17:52-07:00

Visa, MasterCard and American Express (including Government credit cards).

What are your standard credit terms?2020-05-26T17:18:12-07:00

Payment by credit card in advanced unless alternative arrangements are approved in advance.

Do you accept purchase orders?2020-05-26T17:18:32-07:00

In some cases we can accept purchase orders. Please contact us to apply for this facility in advance of placing your order.

Do you accept Government credit cards?2020-05-26T17:18:55-07:00

Yes, we accept all Government credit cards.

What is your returns policy?2020-05-26T17:19:20-07:00
All orders are final. Full refund within 30 days if technology does not operate as advertised. Subject to approval, incorrectly ordered items can be returned within 14 days of receipt provided both the product and packaging are in perfect condition. (Subject to a 10% restocking fee.)
Do you charge sales tax for US Government purchases?2020-05-26T17:19:39-07:00


Do you charge HST or GST for Canadian Government purchases?2020-05-26T17:19:57-07:00


Are you ORCA Registered?2020-05-26T17:20:15-07:00


What is Cellbusters’ DUNS number?2020-05-26T17:20:34-07:00


What is the Zone Protector’s™ harmonized code?2020-05-26T17:20:58-07:00


Do you offer a Government discount?2020-05-26T17:21:21-07:00

Yes. Your discount will automatically be applied to your quote, provided you selected the “Government” option in the “organization type” drop down box on the quote form.

Do you offer an educational discount?2020-05-26T17:21:40-07:00

Yes. Your discount will automatically be applied to your quote, provided you selected the “Education” option in the “organization type” drop down box on the quote form.

Zone Protector™ and Zone Manager™ deliver real time protection with actionable intelligence. Active Monitoring Technology enables our customers to secure and protect their facilities, assets, and information worldwide.

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