Cellbusters Solutions

Government & Military

Detect cell phones and transmission devices in SCIFs, government buildings, and embassies.

Zone Protector™ alerts and notifies as soon as a signal is detected. Secure classified information throughout your facility.

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Prison & Corrections

Eliminate contraband cell phones in prisons and other correctional facilities. Deploy the Zone Protector™ to continuously monitor for cellular activity. Leverage Zone Manager™ to efficiently locate contraband cell phones throughout your facility.

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Retail & Warehousing

Detect the unauthorized presence of an intruder’s cell phone at your warehouse or retail premises after hours.

Proactive intrusion detection technology gives security staff a head start before a costly crime occurs.

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Casino & Gaming

Detect concealed transmission devices in casinos and gaming facilities.

Locate hidden camera transmission devices and alert security staff. Prevent financial losses and protect the integrity of table games.

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Intellectual Property Protection

Protect and secure intellectual property, techniques, and processes.

The Zone Protector™ detects cell phones in unauthorized areas. Secure confidential information and prevent industrial espionage.

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Intrusion Detection

Detect the presence of an intruder’s cell phone on your premises.

Give security a heads up. Proactively detect potential intruders or stowaways by detecting their cell phone signal. Prevent after-hours theft or property damage.

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Industrial Safety

Detect cell phone activity in industrial or hazardous areas.

Protect against industrial accidents in cell-phone-prohibited areas throughout your facility.

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Education & Testing

Detect concealed cell phones in exam rooms and testing facilities.

Protect the integrity of exams, courseware, and testing centers.

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Call Centers

Protect classified information by detecting cell phones and hidden RF transmission devices. Don’t take chances with your data! Secure your information with powerful tools that detect cell phones and transmission devices throughout your facility.

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Zone Protector™ and Zone Manager™ deliver real time protection with actionable intelligence. Active Monitoring Technology enables our customers to secure and protect their facilities, assets, and information worldwide.