Zone Protector Firmware Version 2.32A 

The latest version of firmware is version 2.32A available for download with a valid Zone Protector warranty only.

Please contact us to verify your warranty status prior to upgrading your Zone Protector device.

Zone Protector Firmware 2.32A includes the following bug fixes and enhancements over the previous production version (2.29A)

All Zone Protector users with a valid warranty are advised to upgrade to the latest version of Firmware to ensure maximum protection.
(*Zone Manager users please read the Zone Manager compatibility footnote below prior to upgrading)

Bug fix:

The detection performance of channel 1 may degrade over time, this issue has now been resolved.

Significant Improvements:

The algorithm used by Zone Protector to detect and report RF activity has been significantly improved.
New detection methods have been added which greatly improve the performance and sensitivity of the Zone Protector across different RF protocols.


Firmware version 2.32A is attached attached as a file below  (CB-ZPAMT-232Aq-130830.zpf ) or can also be downloaded from the Dropbox link provided below.

How to upgrade:

For information on how to upgrade the Zone Protector’s firmware please follow the link below

Download Links: