In some instances the Zone Protector interface may be slow or unresponsive.

(This troubleshooting tip assumes that the Zone Protectors login dialog box was displayed and you were able to sucessfully login to the web interface – If not please click here for other troubleshooting tips)

The most probable causes are:

  1. The Antivirus or firewall program (Particularly AVG Antivirus / Firewall)  running on your PC is slowing down or blocking communication with the Zone Protectors web interface.Possible Fix:

    Temporarily disable the Antivirus / Firewall while connecting to the Zone Protector.  (You may need to unplug the network cable and restart the Zone Protector after disabling the Antivirus / Firewall)

  2. In some rare instances there may be a compatibility issues between your Laptop or PC and the Zone Protectors network interface.Possible Fix:

    Reboot the Zone Protector, PC or both and retry
    Connect the PC and the Zone Protector to a network switch and retry
    Try connecting from a a different Laptop or PC and retry.
    Try connecting from a different browser e.g Google Chrome and retry