With today’s technology, surveillance has become easier to do without detection. It is becoming smaller, smarter, and more accurate. These advancements in surveillance can be detrimental to the safety of your personal and corporate business. More and more devices are being developed that can be used to collect your personal information, obtain your business proprietary secrets, and steal your identity, often without detection.

However, there are ways to prevent criminal people from spying on you by using a few simple counter surveillance measures to protect you and your personal information.

What is Counter Surveillance

What is Counter Surveillance?

Counter surveillance is defined as the methods and devices used for thwarting surveillance for safety, privacy, and commercial interests. More generally, it’s to prevent criminals and other bad-faith actors from altering or stealing your information for personal or business related interests.

How to Keep Yourself Safe with Surveillance Counter Measures

There are several categories of counter surveillance techniques and counter surveillance equipment that can be implemented to keep you, your business, and your loved ones protected. These measures include:

Physical Counter Surveillance

Traditional surveillance occurs when someone is watching (or tailing) you and following your schedule and every move. While it’s still used, physical surveillance is less popular with the rise of technology. Cyber surveillance is more prevalent now, as it is easier to remotely gain access to important information such as bank numbers or passwords.

However, it is still important to protect yourself from someone following you and gaining knowledge of your routines. To combat this:

  • Vary your schedule
  • Blend in–try not to wear bright colors or anything that stands out
  • Be aware of your surroundings and who is around you

Guard the details of your daily routine and share with only those you trust.

Physical Counter Surveillance


Nowadays, most bad actors resort to gathering your important information through malware, via phishing attacks, or by other means cracking your personal and business accounts. You can reduce your risk via a few different methods, including:

  • Using strong firewalls and/or secure VPNs on all your devices
  • Implement strong passwords for all your accounts that change frequently and aren’t easy to guess
  • Locking your phone and computer when not in use

Electronic Counter Surveillance

Electronic surveillance is what people usually think of when it comes to spying on others; it’s the installation of cameras, listening devices, and wiretapping. These devices can go undetected with their increasingly small size, easily accessing private information.

Beyond the capability of tiny cameras and remote listening devices to conduct surveillance, more and more industrial espionage is being done using cell phones. Cell phone detectors are a leading tool in the counter surveillance industry for secure facilities.

Unwanted cell phones can be detected in business settings with counter surveillance devices such as the Zone Protector™ . This device alerts the company to any cell phone that isn’t registered.

At home, simple electronic counter surveillance techniques include shining a flashlight into innocuous devices or other surfaces to expose hidden camera lenses, or using the night mode on your phone camera to detect infrared LEDs or illuminators emitted by hidden cameras or other monitoring devices.

Electronic Counter Surveillance

Protect Yourself and Your Business with Counter Surveillance

From Netflix passwords to business banking accounts, more and more of your information is available through a variety of attacks. From physically standing over you at an ATM, to using their cellphones to hack into your unsecured network, bad actors continue to benefit from the advancements of consumer technology.

However, by utilizing counter surveillance methods and being aware of the environment around you, this will help protect yourself and your information. For even more security of business assets, enlist a professional service to keep you safe. For mobile information device detection, Cellbusters is focused on giving you peace of mind while providing you the best support.