A designated range of frequencies are allocated for cell phone use in each country, and in many cases the same range of frequencies are used across multiple countries.

The following websiteshould help you identify what frequency ranges are in use in your country.



Cell phones transmit and receive (receive from the cell phone tower) on different frequency ranges so they don’t interfere with each other.

N.B  It is only necessary to detect cell phone activity on the transmit frequency range. It is not necessary to detect the receive frequency as cell phone towers are continuously transmitting and will cause the Zone Protector to continuously alert accordingly.


If we examine AWS 1700 as an example (pre-programmed channel number 5 on the Zone Protector currently used in the USA, Canada and Chile)

The lower frequency in the transmit range is 1710 Mhz and the upper is 1755 Mhz (as show below) hence the requirement for an RF Detection Range setting of 1710 to 1755 MHz on the Zone Protector.

lower upper freq

Detector Channel Settings: Detector RF Range

In the following example the Detector RF Range has its lower frequency set to 1710 and upper set to 1750 to enable AWS 1700 Cell Phone Detection in the USA, Canada and Chile.

RF detection range