Have you ever been worried someone might be tracking you or that your house has hidden cameras? With smaller cameras and more discreet trackers coming onto the market today, it’s easy to be concerned that your privacy might be compromised. There’s a simple solution to put your mind at rest – an RF finder.

RF Finders Explained

A RF finder, or also called a detector, is an electronic device used to detect radio frequency waves. They can detect RF waves on a wired RF cable (a type of coaxial cable used to send RD signals, or a wireless RF signal. 

Like how anyone can buy a tracker, anyone can use an RF finder. They are often used to find surveillance devices, such as GPS trackers, in vehicles by searching for any emitting frequencies. Professional entities, like law enforcement, use them to track down spyware for various reasons, while electricians and construction workers use RF finders to look for any possible interference on a project.

Types of RF Finders and How to Choose the Right One scaled

source: Wattne Anti Spy Detector, Amazon

Types of RF Finders and How to Choose the Right One

A variety of RF detectors are available online and in specialty stores. They can be as simple as a wand that you can walk around your house with or there are more advanced options like the Korkuan RF Detector that has a probe to find the exact location of the RF finder. 

Choosing the right one depends on your budget and purpose for the RF finder. In a professional setting, a higher-end detector would be used  that is able to find multiple frequencies or detect the strength of the signal. For personal uses, like making sure you are not being spied on, smaller models with basic functions, such as the Jepwco G4 Pro Anti-Spy Detector,  are a better choice.

Also, keep in mind what the RF finder will be used for. Analog signals will need a different device than a digital signal. If you are unsure, purchase one that can detect both types of signals. Read carefully what each one is able to find and how wide of a range it has. The larger the range, the detector will be able to find the signal and pinpoint it with more accuracy. 

How to Use an RF Finder 

RF finders are easy to use but there are a few steps you must do before you start to look for signals in your home or vehicle: 

  • Turn off all wireless networks and electronic devices – This includes your cell phone, tablets, routers, and laptops. Electronic devices and wireless networks will cause interference with the RF finder.
  • Turn on RF finder – Most RF finders are easy to use, especially those built for home use, but be sure to read the directions and understand how your model works. Some come with cameras that will need to be turned on, not just the device itself. Most will come with an antenna that you will want to extend out as far as possible. 
  • Walk the room (or vehicle) slowly – This step takes the longest, but if you walk slowly around the room or your vehicle, you will avoid having to comb the area twice. The RF finder will notify you when the signal is stronger. If you are using one to locate a GPS tracker on a car, you may need someone to drive slowly as you walk around since many GPS trackers are only activated while the car is in motion. 
  • Remove the device – Once you have located the spy device using the RF finder, remove it by either unplugging it or taking out the battery depending on what type it is. You do not need to destroy the whole device. 

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RF Finder Apps

As technology has advanced, smartphones can now act as RF finders just by downloading an app from the app store. Depending on your phone, there are several RF finder apps on the market, each with varying degrees of success. Some RF finder apps use the smartphone camera for detection to find spy cameras. The spy camera produces an infrared light, and the smartphone camera  finds the reflecting surface and alerts the user. Other apps rely on magnetic fields produced by the hidden device. 

When looking for an RF finder app, pay attention to the reviews and what each app is able to find. If you suspect you are being listened to, look for an app that focuses on magnetic fields rather than cameras.

Use RF Finders to Keep Your Privacy 

In a world where it’s easy to spy on everyone, RF finders can provide a small peace of mind to make sure you aren’t being watched or listened to in your own home or vehicle. They are easy to buy online and with a little practice, they are simple to use. Having one around will ensure you and your personal information stays safe.