Cellbusters has been in business since 1999, and since that time it has always been illegal to use Cell Phone Jammers, Cellular Jammers or Mobile Phone Jammers.

Cell Phone Jammers (as well as Cellular Jammers and Mobile Phone Jammers) can’t be used legally in the United States, and the use of Cellular Jammers can bring a fine of up to $11,000 dollars. Some Chinese websites are selling Cell Phone Jammers, and allowing US customers to purchase them over the internet. It is against the law to import Cell Phone Jammers, Cellular Jammers and Mobile Phone Jammers into the United States. If you do purchase a cellular jammer it will more than likely be confiscated at the port of entry, and you will more than likely lose any money you have spent on the device.

Customs agents are trained to be on the look-out for Cell Phone Jammers and Cellular Jammers, or any devices that will block or Jam cell phone signals. The FCC has clear rules against any type of Cellular Jammer or Mobile Phone Jammer. Cell Phone Detection however is perfectly legal in the United States and you will not run into any of the legal issues involved with cell phone jammers.

Cell Phone Jammers work by sending out an RF or Radio Frequency signal that is more powerful than the power from the nearest Cell Phone Base Station (Cell Phone Tower), the frequency of this RF signal is similar to that used by the cellular carriers and makes the phone un-usable (The Downlink Frequency is the signal that is jammed, not the Uplink frequency from the Cell Phone). When a cell phone jammer is in use you will not see any bars of signal on your phone. Mobile phone jammers will not only block the signal, but because the cellular jammer has overcome all of the cellular frequency, you will not even be able to make a 911 call. This is one of the reasons along with many others that cell phone jammers are so dangerous, and illegal. The use of a mobile phone jammer should not be taken lightly, not only are you breaking the law, but because you have completely blocked the entire spectrum by using the cell phone jammer you may be creating a potentially dangerous situation if the use of a cell phone is needed urgently.

If you have any questions about Cell Phone Jammers, Cellular Jammers or Mobile Phone Jammers please feel free to send us a request for information, browse through our FAQ page or check out our Blog.

For some of Cellbusters overseas customers we do provide Cell Phone Jammer solutions in conjunction with our Cell Phone Detection technology. We call it ‘Jamming on Demand’. Once a user tries to use their cell phone, our detection technology (Zone Protector) will detect that a phone transmission is in progress, the Zone Protector will already be programmed to turn on the Cell Phone Jammer, and almost immediately the phone will be jammed. As soon as the Cell Phone transmission stops, the Cell Phone Jammer will be turned off.