The following mobile phone frequencies are broadly used across Europe.
(Note the newer 4G/LTE frequencies 800 Mhz  and 2600 Mhz)

Description  Lower Freq Mhz Upper Freq Mhz
Euro IMT-2100Mhz 1920 1980
Euro DCS-1800Mhz 1710 1785
Euro GSM-900Mhz 880 915
Euro 4G-800Mhz 832 862
Euro IMT-E 2600Mhz 2500 2570

The following websites may offer further information.

To program the Zone Protector to detect the European cellular frequencies you can either enter the settings manually (detector settings) or by importing the file attached below.

When importing the file the appropriate channel detection method will also be applied to each of the detection channels which is required to correctly differentiate between the newer 3G/4G protocols and the older 2G protocols. Click here to learn more about detection methods.

Please note that the file will overwrite any existing entries in the detection channel table. It will also reset the static IP to the factory default

N.B Do not rename or attempt to extract the file, this is its native format.